Things Our Pets Only Do During Winter That You Probably Didn't Know

Things Our Pets Only Do During Winter That You Probably Didn't Know

Winter has arrived and with it the cold and harsh breezes that we all fear. However, that fear has stopped being so scary for a long time. To be more specific, along with our quickly developed technology, the winter has been increasingly getting less and less scary. Nonetheless, we still have to always be vigilant as well as prepared as there is no way that the cold of the winter will let you off easily if you did not have everything figured out. After all, no matter who you are, when you see the snow appearing on your yard, you will know that winter has come and it is time to take out new sets of clothes.

As a result, I am quite sure that you will be thinking that you understand the winter season quite well. However, that is simply not true, as there are things in the winter that you will not be able to predict. One prime example of such a case is what your lovely pets will secretly do only when the winter season is here. I am confident that most of you will think that you know enough about your pets to perfectly guess what they will want to do next. That is but an illusion. To let you know of how wrong you were, let me show you through this article about things our pets only do in winter that you probably did not know!

1. Preserving their fat

There is a quite common misconception that has been around for quite a long time. That myth is about our pet needing to exercise in the winter. At the very first look, it may seem that I am the one gravely mistaken. After all, who actually can disprove the many advantages that are great for you as well as your cute pets? However, it is true that the better thing to do for the pets is to let them preserve an extra layer of fat in your body whenever they can. For the people that gave the pets too much exercise in the winter season, sometimes they will look up and find that their pets just straight up temporarily disappeared.

When the pets do this, they are actually hiding somewhere and sleep or finding something to eat. After all, even though the pets all have some great natural way of fighting the cold off in the form of their fur. However, that is not enough to keep them warm through the harsh winds and the freezing temperature of the winter season. As a result, they will find any method possible to actually get even more fat added to their body.

2. Finding something to wear

Yes, when you read it out loud, it really does seem unbelievable. However, that is actually what will happen when your pets feel that the weather has become actually too cold for them to endure. Anyone who has had some experience raising pets must know about how undesirable they can be when you try to get them to wear some new outfits in any other season. However, that is completely turned around once the winter comes. The pets now will actually actively look for something to wear or to conceal their body in. After all, I can’t blame them, as no matter how great their furs are at fighting back the cold, they are not omnipotent. Thus, the pets will have to look for some other things to keep their body warm.

Consequently, some of the more keen eyes will actually spot that new habit of the pets that are digging out new clothes whenever they feel cold. However, most of us will just overlook it, thinking it as something they do to have fun. Nonetheless, one should know when they are doing it as a way to keep warm in order to avoid tragedies. After all, there have been cases of pets dying due to the seemingly normal cold temperature. Remember, you should not place too much faith in your pets’ furs.

3. Licking antifreeze

This one is, sadly, quite common. While the other habits are not that dangerous if you know about them, the habit of licking antifreeze has killed quite many pets in the winter seasons throughout the years. This substance is quite thick and undeniably sweet, making it simply irresistible to quite a bunch of different cat breeds. In fact, one of the most prevalent toxicities in the winter season is the antifreeze. After all, it is always used to keep your car as well as its internal combustion engine from freezing under the extreme cold. Us humans all know that those things are not edible at all. However, that is just not the case with our cute pets.

 Ever since the day it was introduced, antifreeze has been the cause of death for quite a lot of cats, and in some cases, even dogs. This is due to them ingesting the substance when they thought of it as some kind of treats the masters have hidden for them. Remember, it does not take too much of an antifreeze dose for an animal to fall. For example, a cat can simply die just from licking its feet after walking through spilled antifreeze.

4. Seeking the heat source

I am quite sure that most of you do not know of this habit of your lovely pets. However, it is, in fact, one of the easiest to understand. That is about the pet subconsciously trying to get close to any kind of heat source. Prime examples are the fireplace in your house as well as the engine compartment of your automobiles. This is due to them feeling the extreme cold and wanting to find somewhere warm enough to fight the cold. Thus, they will try to get as close as they can to get closer to the heat sources that they can find. As a result, there have been quite a bunch of unfortunate accidents due to the owners not realizing it.

Thus, before you want to start your engine, you should always check your car’s hood or bang on it to let any cat or small pet that is making home there know. Believe me, that will help quite a lot to defer the unfortunate accidents. As for the fireplaces, you should install some kind of fences so that the pet will not be able to jump in there when you are not paying attention.

5. Trying to sneak out of the house

No matter how cold and dangerous it can be outside and how much we try to let them feel like comfortable at home, some pets can only feel safe when they are out of the house’s restraints. Thus, they will try their best to escape the house whenever you are not paying attention. Of course, if you let them feel that they are loved, they will still return. However, that does not mean that they did not go out for some short times. Nonetheless, the weather outside during the winter season will be especially unforgiving for your adventurous pets.

In these cases, you should try to prepare some dry and warm shelter outside for your pets. Of course, you should never forget about fresh water. After all, there is no way that the cat can find safe water in the winter time. Doing so, your cats will be able to both be safe and feeling adventurous.


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So cute! I absolutely agree with these. It’s funny because I just now realized that my cute buddy has been doing — yes, I should probably say during the winter season. There’s actually a lot more than I can think of, and now I’m going crazy what other weird stuff my buddy would be doing. By the way, I’ve checked out your site and I found the best that fits my style. I’ve tried to order one, and I’m so excited. Thank you!

Pamela Tullis

Thank you for the helpful info. Most of these on the list are things that I don’t know about my dog. I sometimes don’t understand them so I try to read blogs and articles about dogs so I know what to do. If they can only speak but anyways I’m all ears on this one especially this cold season.

Norma D

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