Fur Buddy 101: Complete List of The Most Trainable and Friendly Dog Breeds

Fur Buddy 101: Complete List of The Most Trainable and Friendly Dog Breeds

It is a quite common knowledge that when someone asks if a dog is smart or not, what they mean is if the dog is trainable or not. I am quite sure that for dog owners, this is usually what they have to think of before deciding on which kind of dog they are going to raise. After all, no one wants a dog that will turn on his owner even after the owner has been trying to give him everything they can. In addition, if a dog is friendly, then people who have kids in their houses will be more accepting and trusting of the dog being near their offspring.

However, due to the fact that dogs have been a close companion of human for such a long time, they have evolved and diversified into so many types and breeds that when one wants to pick up a dog to raise, they don’t have any idea of which kinds of pups will be more friendly and trainable. This problem has been proven to be a quite serious dilemma for many future pup owners. I am sure that if you did have desires to raise a pup, then you must have faced this issue at least once. After all, due to the fact that there are so many breeds, just finding out which one is great is enough of a trouble.

Don’t worry, you have come to the right place as we have finished all the hard works for you and put together this list of the Most Trainable and Friendly Dog Breeds.

1. German Shepherd

This extraordinary breed of dog is the undoubted number one of this list. While it does lack the ability to solve problems as well as it is not as brilliant like the Border Collie, and also not as clever as the Poodle, German Sheperd is the epitome of versatility that no dog can even come close to. There is no other dog breed on this world that can be an attack dog, drug dog, herding dog, guide dog, and even a movie star aside from this extraordinary breed. The German Shepherd is the breed of dog that comes the closest to perfection, with a unique combination of temper steadiness, unswerving loyalty as well as a keen purpose. In addition, it is quite a cuddly ball that is especially friendly with kids.

2. Poodle

While at the very first looks, no one can see this charming mass of curls as a dog breed that is well-known for their incredible brain power. However, results always speak for itself, as this beautiful dog breed is always the first in term of obedience and also agility. Its opponents, Golden Retriever, quite clearly more obedient than him, falls behind too much when it comes to agility. Another competitor, Border Collie, while has more agility, is no match for the Poodle when we talk obedience. This dog breed stands fully for the term family dog that will be at home no matter where he goes. While they may not be as renowned for chasing after sheep or bad guys, Poodles are the best at staying at home with you.

3. Border Collie

There is no way that this list does not have this breed of dog. After all, we all know how much intelligence, agility, as well as training that is needed for a dog to successfully herd sheep. Now, the Border Collie is, in fact, the most prominent sheepdog in the whole world. With shepherd being in a rather short supply, these guys have turned their eyes to excelling at obedience, agility and other all-around activities that will get them cookies.

4. Doberman Pinscher

This breed of dog was initially developed as a means of protection for the tax collectors. As a result, they now have a protective instinct as well as an intuitive sense that can tell them in an instant which one is a friend and which one is not. These guys are seriously intelligence and sensitive that just wants to please their masters. Due to this needs of pleasing the owners, these guys are among the best when it comes to being trainable. In addition, while they will be quite dangerous for those they deem not friends, they are at the same time very friendly to the ones they determine as safe and harmless for the owners.

5. Labrador Retriever

This breed of dogs that the United States love the most is without a doubt one of the most trainable and friendly dog breeds on the face of this planet. Otherwise, how do so many people all love this breed of dog? Incredibly adept at any activity that is remotely connected to water as well as being undeniably obedient, this famously well-loved family member is undeniably great at what his ancestors do best: retrieving the ducks. You should never write this off, as retrieving is a lot different from fetching ducks, it is infinitely more complex. To do that job properly, there must be many training weeks before the pup can begin with his duty. The Labrador Retriever has always scored the top points at breed field trials around the world.

6. Golden Retriever

Another Retriever on this list, there is a reason we are putting him under the Labrador one position. While he is infinitely better when the conservation is about works that are purely dependent on the obedience of the pup, he lags behind the Labrador when it comes to field trials as well as hunting events in the real world. However, he is still the undeniably better breed of dog when we talk about social skills as well as everyday smarts. Of course, there is no way that we can deny the obvious friendliness that he is always emitting whenever he sees a new friend. Thus, he is indeed a breed of dog that is both friendly as well as trainable.

7. Papillon

This toy breed of dog is the most brilliant as well as the best when it comes to obedience, general tricks, great all-around social behaviors, and agility. Of course, due to his incredible obedience, this breed of dog has become especially adept at being trained by the owner. In addition, he is especially friendly but not without intelligence. This breed of dog is truly perfect for anyone looking for easily trained and smart pup that does not require too much space.

8. Rottweiler

Another one of those German’s incredibly versatile breeds, the Rottweiler while is more solid as well as less sensitive than the Doberman Pinscher, is still a lot more friendly and trainable than other types of dogs. He is a herding dog, so it is without a doubt that he must be highly trainable for such a hard position.

9. Shetland Sheepdog

There is no doubt that all the sheepdogs are highly trainable and smart. However, the Shelties are a lot more attached to the owners than any other type of dog. They are always eager to please the masters, so you can be sure of their obedience.

How to determine a dog’s trainability?

To know how trainable a pup is, first of all, we must see into their own distinct personality, genetic heritage, as well as their instinctive drives. After all, some breeds were made to work with human partners, while others were made to work independent.

There is also the distractibility. You must see if the pup is more concentrated on the lesson or if he is more interested in other elements that were presented in the environment when you are trying to train him.

However, no matter how trainable a dog is, you must always train him with the correct methods. No matter how smart and trainable a pup is, if the lessons are not great, then the training will not be successful. Remember that if you can excite and engage your dog, he will be a lot more mindful of the training. You can also use rewards to make him know that the training is really worth completing.

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To train your dogs, start them young so they learn who their master is and the basic things your dog needs to learn like potty training. I’ve had my dogs with me since they are still pups and up until now they never leave my side. I love them so much whatever their breed is. These large breeds need a lot of physical exercises and they are all smart for me though they are not able to talk but they can feel.

Elyse J

Absolutely! The German Shepherds’ are one of the most trainable dogs. They are very intelligent and obedient to their master. I don’t have a large breed dog but I would love to have one as a guard dog in our house. I can only pet 2 lap dogs which are shih tzus. They are my stress reliever.

Harriet Hammond

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