5 Ways You Can Make Your Dog Happy And Healthy

5 Ways You Can Make Your Dog Happy And Healthy

As a pet owner, you do a lot for your canine companion. You feed it on time, take it for walks, groom it, and schedule vaccines and vet visits. While it sounds like a lot of work, you may still fall short of keeping your dog healthy and happy. If you genuinely intend to do it, you have to think beyond ticking all the dog-duty boxes. You need not invest more effort or money but understand what the pet needs and go the extra mile to fulfil its unspoken expectations. Here are the simple ways you can make your pet healthy and happy without working harder or spending more.

Know it better

The more you understand your dog, the easier it is to keep it happy. Begin with the basic understanding of canine body language, behavior, cognition, and training of its breed. Also, know your dog's signs of stress, fear, nervousness, and discomfort. If you can read your pet's needs, you will know when it is sick or unhappy. Getting help right away will keep it in a good space.

Protect from anxiety triggers

When you know the dog better, you will probably understand its anxiety triggers. Some canines love having children around, while others are miserable in the same situation. Your pet may be scared of noise, thunderstorms, firecrackers, or simply being alone. Know these triggers and remove them before they make your pet anxious. Anxiety is the root of disease and discomfort, so eliminating it from your dog's life should be a top priority.

Vary its diet

A balanced, nutritious diet is the secret to the good health and happiness of pets. Get vet recommendations for the best diet for your canine companion. It is a good idea to vary the diet from time to time. You can add fresh food and jerky for dogs to the regular brand mix you feed it. But avoid feeding it out of your plate. Whatever you pick, make sure it is easy to digest and supplies nutrition to the animal.

Spend quality time

Your pet needs more than good nutrition and medical care to stay fit and happy. It needs your love and attention. Make sure you spend quality time with the dog every day, no matter how packed your schedule is. You may have a dog walker to take it for walks, but nothing is better than doing it yourself. Play with the animal by picking activities you can enjoy together. Taking it for weekend drives is an ideal way to curb travel anxiety. Once your pet is comfortable traveling, you may even plan a vacation with it..

Prioritize physical contact

Most dogs enjoy physical contact with their owners, so you must make a conscious effort to cuddle and snuggle every day. Learn to rub it the right way because it makes the dog happy and comfortable. Rubbing also helps you detect issues like pain and abnormal growth on the pet's body. But make sure that you do not force the canine into cuddle time as it may need its space at times.

Raising a healthy and happy pet is more about understanding its expectations rather than just feeding, walking, and taking it for medical visits. Follow these tips, and you can do your bit.

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