5 Tips to Care for a Bored Cat

5 Tips to Care for a Bored Cat

A bored cat may sleep for more extended periods, but a bored cat that is awake and alert might cause serious harm. Boredom, when ignored, can lead to an obese or diseased cat in addition to the ancillary damage to your house. 

Activity and engagement are essential for your cat’s well-being. Interesting toys can also help keep your cat occupied while you are out. Here are a few ideas for making your feline’s life more enjoyable at home. 

  • Boxes & Containers

  • Luckily, getting your cat's interest is not always difficult. The cat will occupy whatever basket or container that is even remotely large enough to house it or at least accommodate its overflow. 

    A cat can spend a long time playing with a paper bag. It is even better if there are two or maybe more cats involved. One enters the sack, whereas the other remains outside. The cats are chasing each other. It may appear easy (so it is), and it is always a winner.

  • Manage their Feeding in Different Ways 

  • If you are worried that your cat will go hungry while away, invest in an automatic cat feeder. Automatic cat feeders are a great solution for cat parents who often have to stay out of the house for extended periods of time. 

    These gadgets automatically administer food three to four times per day, guaranteeing that your cat does not go without food. Look for some top-rated automatic cat feeders for this purpose. When looking for an automatic cat feeder, look for features that make it more interesting so mealtimes are more fun for your feline friend. Another factor that you should consider is the food capacity it can hold. Many automatic cat feeders don’t hold a lot so cat parents who have to go on long trips might want to check the capacity before buying. 

    Another interesting way is to make them earn their meal. Make them achieve their meal! 

    Cat food puzzle feeder, on the other hand, can engage your cat while simultaneously encouraging physical exercise. Cat food puzzles from the store should be durable and easy to maintain. Designing your riddles may be a lot more fun: try using toilet paper rolls, discarded tissue containers, or food containers with holes punched out of them. All in all, automatic feeders will provide a nice change in your cat’s routine. 

  • Cat Toys and Catnips 

  • You can choose from diverse types to buy or construct your own. Connect a piece of thread, wire, ribbon to a pole of any sort. Attach a feather or trinket to the thread’s other end to make it more engaging. 

    You do not want your feline to ingest the string, so consider that. This will result in a deplorable situation for everyone involved. When you are not available to monitor, put cat wands away.

    Catnip toys are enticing and are ideal for putting out at periodic intervals, so your kitty does not get bored. Any delivery technique that does not break apart straight away, including a cleaned sock tied at one side, can suffice for catnip. Some of the greatest catnip toys are those that release small amounts of catnip at one moment, so your cat does not eat it all at once, and the fun is over. If your cat is uninterested in catnip, try cat toys made of honeysuckle or valerian.

    Self-grooming equipment will provide hours of entertainment for kitties that cannot get much of being groomed. These toys are most popular with long-haired kittens. 

    Archways constructed of bristle brushes and wall-mounted self-groomers are examples of cat self-groomers. Mounting a wooden nail brush with nylon bristles to the side of a wall or furniture at cat height is a frequent DIY variant.

  • Items to Wreck and Bite on

  • The occasional patch of greenery provides a delightful chewing opportunity for your kitties. New catnip, parsley, oat grass, wheatgrass, and sometimes even carrot greens are all healthy and tasty goodies that you can cultivate from seeds for a low cost.

    It's in felines' instinct to claw stuff up. Scratching mats and posts keep your furniture clean while also giving your cat a good workout. The key to encouraging the cat to claw at the mat is paying close attention to its clawing patterns and choosing something appropriate. 

    Most cats will disregard horizontal cardboard clawing toys because they are typically very tiny for them. Many cats enjoy scratching on a big, vertical surface with a pleasing texture. 

  • Play and Climb Structures 

  • Most of the labels for cat trees, condominiums, and gyms touch the whimsical or go entirely beyond. However, this does not drop the fact that specific arrangements might be fantastic for your cat. 

    Cats like being at the top of the food chain, looking down on us ordinary mortals. Large, pricey cat trees, on the other hand, are renowned for being disregarded by cats. It is likely better to start with a few comparatively tiny, carpeted aisles for your cat to hike on unless you replace an old cat tree. 

    Evaluate the positioning and distance thoroughly. A vantage point next to a window is a perfect spot for your cat to take in the scenery.


    Cats are not the simplest animals to keep amused all of the time. Yes, some cats have the remarkable ability to distract themselves from boredom. Most cats require more assistance to overcome ennui, mainly when we are unavailable to engage them, such as when we are working or when we are gone for several hours.

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