5 Adorable Ways Your Dog Says I Love You

5 Adorable Ways Your Dog Says I Love You

We all know that there is nothing hard in knowing if some other people like us or not. In fact, it is actually quite an easy task to spot if someone does like you or if they enjoy doing something with you. Of course, while more often than not we must do this by observing and guessing, there are indeed cases where the person in question just decides to go out of their way and say that they love you right to your face. Thus, that will actually help you cut down quite a lot of effort going into guessing and observing. However, the action of saying something is usually reversed for humans. As a result, the canine companions that we love so much will be at a clear disadvantage. After all, there is no way that they can just come out and say that they love you.

Nonetheless, dogs have domesticated by us humans for thousands upon thousands of years, as the first ever undisputed remains of a dog that was buried alongside humans was dated as 14700 years old. In addition, there was even a case of disputed remains that was dated as 36000 years old. Thus, one can see that dogs have been our trusty companions for quite a long time, and during those times, dogs were able to develop their own non-verbal ways of telling humans “I Love You”. However, just like with every other signal that your pup sends, you must know what to look for. Thus, I have prepared this article to tell you of the 5 adorable ways your dog says “I Love You”. Let’s delve in and see if you have missed any small clue.

1. The pup always knows when you are coming home

To start things off, I would like to let you know of a seemingly usual behavior. If you are a dog owner who treats the pup right, I am quite sure that you must have experienced the scene of opening the door and see your lovely pup already being there, waiting for you. For some people, they just chalk it up to the pup being there by coincidence. However, that is not true at all. If you are just a little interested in the behaviors of the dog, you will be able to recognize that it is one of the strongest signs of the dog saying that it loves you.

Thus, one can conclude that if their pup instantly gets to the window after hearing their car pulling up their driveway or just simply recognizing the footsteps, it is quite likely that they are the pup’s favorite “hooman”.

2. The pup always tries to sleep in your bed, preferably with you.

This case is actually quite common for everyone who has a pup or more in their house. Even though they have prepared some of the best accommodation for their pup, more often than not they will wake up and find their pup sleeping right on their bed, beside them. If you encounter this case, never gets mad, as it is indeed a subtle way of your pup telling you that it loves you and it trusts you. In fact, there actually is quite a long history detailing dogs and humans sharing their sleeping places. One of the most known historical figure, Alexander the Great, was famous for sleeping alongside his trusty canine companion, Peritas, after a hard-fought battle.

So, why is this a clear sign of the pup loving you? This is due to the fact that dogs are pack creatures. Thus, they prefer to shut their eyes when cuddling with the best buds.

3. The pup tries to bring the toys to you

If you are a dog owner, no matter how long or short you have been raising the pup, I am sure that you have at least once seen your pup bring a toy to you so that you will play with him or her. Aside from a very obvious sign of the pup just wanting to play, there is also a subtle hint that he does it because he loves you. In fact, by bringing the toy to you, he is telling you that in his eyes, you are the indisputable leader of his pack. Thus, he is trying his best to please you through the action of bringing his favorite toy to you.

Thus, the next time you see your pup bringing his favorite toy to you, remember that it is not just him wanting to play, it is also him proving to you that you are indeed his favorite “hooman”.

4. They wag their tail around whenever they see you enter your room.

It is nothing surprising for dog owners to see their pup wagging the tails around whenever they return home from a long day at work. However, no matter how tired you are, you should never take this action for granted, as it is indeed your pup saying that he has been missing you and he loves you. Thus, you should take out a little time and play with him for a bit. After all, they are saying they love you, so it is only natural that you show them back how much you love them.

However, there is also something that you should always pay attention to, as not all tail wagging mean that the pup loves you. There are cases where the tail wagging also means that the dog is experiencing stress. So, you need to dig deeper to understand what the pup is trying to convey.

5. The pup can watch you leave in a calm way

This may actually be the single clearest sign that your pup does indeed love you. At first glance, it may seem quite counterintuitive. After all, one may question why being able to watch the owner leave in a calm way can show that the pup does love its owner. However, this action shows that the pup clearly trusts its owner completely. The pup is, in fact, quite confident that its owner will come back. Thus, there is no need for anxiety.

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My brother adopted a puppy a few months ago and the whole family has grown to love our little one so much. He is very close to every one of us, and he has definitely checked all things in this list, even the #5. Ive always wondered, to the point where I was getting really worried, why he’s always so calm when any of us leaves for school/work, unlike what you see in the movies where the dog cries/throws tantrums. I thought our puppy wants to be alone or something but now I know that he is like this because he trusts us, and I am so happy!!


This blog post is supposedly informational and cheering but it made me cry a little. I’m currently grieving to the death of my loved dog who recently died. If this blog post is true, then my dog didn’t love me, she loved me very very much. She does all of this and more. Keep blog posts like this coming.

Marjorie Montenegro

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