10 Festive Dog Costumes And Clothes For Christmas 2019

10 Festive Dog Costumes And Clothes For Christmas 2019


We are fast approaching the 25th of December. For those of you who are not familiar with Western culture, this means that Christmas is coming.  Christmas is a festival held every year to celebrate the day that Jesus was born in. The very first celebration of Christmas was recorded in 336 in Rome. In the early parts of the Middle Age, the celebration of Christmas was overshadowed by Epiphany. It was only after the 800s that it managed to regain its prominence, due to Charlemagne being crowned as emperor right on the date of Christmas. However, the Puritans banned it in the 17th century, citing it as a source of drunkenness as well as other misbehaviors. It was not until the early of the 19th century that the holiday was revived through the Oxford Movement of the Anglican church.


Ever since Christmas rose to prominence again, it has continuously been increasing in popularity. Due to the influence of the West growing stronger, Christmas has also become more famous as a holiday. After “A Christmas Carol” blew up in popularity, the very “spirit” of Christmas seems to have been revived. With the core ideals of compassion, goodwill, and family, Christmas has become an entirely new kind of holiday. As of right now, the Christmas holiday is celebrated by billions of people around the world each year. As a result, there have been so many products that target the Christmas theme popping up like mushrooms after a rain. This case is especially true for dog wears, as we all know how popular they are. That is why I make this list of 10 festive dog costumes and clothes for Christmas.



1. Jolly Christmas Santa Claus Winter Suit With Cap For Dogs



As always, when we talk Christmas, the first thing that will come to our minds is the term, Santa Claus. This legendary figure that is also known as simply Santa, or Father Chrismas, Kris Kringle, Saint Nicholas originated from the Western culture of Christian. He is said to bring beautiful gifts to the kids who are well-behaved, which means “good” or just “nice”. During the eve of the 24th of December as well as the early hours in the morning of the main Christmas day, he will go out and deliver the gifts to the kids through their homes’ chimneys. The Santa Claus that we are all familiar with in the modern days is inspired by the traditions that surround Saint Nicholas in history. There were also some elements of Wodan, a Germanic god. All in all, he is the embodiment of Christmas to many people.

That is why I believe that this Jolly Christmas Santa Claus Winter Suit With Cap For Dogs will be satisfactory to you. As you can see, the costume embodies the spirit of Christmas with clearly great realization. After all, we all know that Santa Claus is usually depicted as some white-bearded, jolly, and portly man in a red coat along with cuffs and collar made from white fur, a red hat having white fur, and red trousers cuffed with white fur equipped with a black belt. This image has become so popular throughout Canada and the United States during the 19th century. As you can see, this product has all of the great parts that help make Santa so recognizable. It has a red hat with white fur, red trousers, red coat with cuffs and collars made from white fur. Let us transform your pup into a great Santa.


2. Cute Reindeer Christmas Jumpsuit Costume Cosplay For Dogs



Aside from the obvious Santa Claus, there is no way that you can forget about his magically flying reindeers. In the traditional legend of the festival, the reindeers of Santa Claus will pull his sleigh, flying through the black sky and help him to give the gifts to all the good children all over the whole world. The reindeer are originally known to be 8 in number. They are Blitzen, Donner, Cupid, Comet, Vixen, Prancer, Dancer, and Dasher. However, due to the unexpectedly enduring popularity that the song “Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer” has been enjoying, the number of Santa’s reindeers have been upped to nine with Rudolph being the addition. With the 20th century’s addition in Rudolph, the reindeers of Santa Clause have become kind of a familiar concept for almost all children in the West in particular and a large part of the whole world’s children in general.


As a result of this immensely great popularity with every single children generation, the reindeer have in turn become such a familiar presence for us adults. After all, we are all once children, and we have all at least once wait patiently next to the Christmas tree to see the legendary Santa Claus. Thus, I am sure that there are at least some of us who would like to see the reindeers in person for once in our life. However, as we have grown up, we all know full well that this wish will never be realized. Thus, I suggest that we take a step back and settle for dressing our cute little pup into the famed reindeers. This Cute Reindeer Christmas Jumpsuit Costume Cosplay For Dogs will help you greatly.


3. Warm Knitted Sweater Sweatshirt for Christmas for Dogs



As we all know, when Christmas comes, the weather will also become quite harsh. After all, it is the 25th of December, meaning that it is at the end of the year. During this time, the harsh winter breeze is something that no one can fight against. This is due to the fact that the temperature of most Western regions will undoubtedly go down to single digit numbers. Thus, during these days, even a light breeze can make a strong man goes down. While dogs are far better equipped than us naturally due to their thick furs, they are not always enough. Furthermore, due to the difference in communication, dogs will not be able to tell us if they are cold until far too late. Thus, it is actually far better if we just prepare for them beforehand.


That is the reason behind me introducing you all to this Warm Knitted Sweater Sweatshirt for Christmas for Dogs. You should never underestimate this seemingly unpractical advice. There is no way that the fur of your dog will be able to keep them properly heated during the cold and harsh breezes of the Christmas Eve. Thus, wearing this cute piece of wearable art will actually do quite a bit of good for your pup. The costume is made from high-quality material so you will never have to worry about its durability as well as its flexibility. There is no way that the pup can make the costume damaged. In addition to this, the costume also offers quite many choices both for patterns as well as color schemes.


4. Cute Christmas Reindeer Sweater Winter Costume for Dogs



Another addition of this list that has something to do with reindeer, these guys must really be popular. After all, even the very essence of Christmas, Santa Claus has only appeared once on the list. I believe that the reason behind this immense popularity is due to the fact that almost all the films that have anything to do with Christmas will have them appear. In fact, even those where Santa himself did not make an appearance in will try to squeeze these guys into the plot. This means that your pup will be even more popular after being dressed as a reindeer. Thus, you should choose the outfit for them accordingly. After all, there is only one chance in a whole year that your pup can make such a big impression.


That is why I believe that you will never go anywhere wrong with choosing this Cute Christmas Reindeer Sweater Winter Costume for Dogs. This costume will no doubt make the little guy the biggest highlight of your Christmas Eve’s party. Due to being made from some high-quality materials, the outfit is actually quite durable as well as flexible. Thus, you will be able to not worry about the pup damaging it every single second they disappear from your sight. In addition, the outfit offers quite a wide range of options in sizes, so you will be able to choose the most suitable size for the pup. Of course, this is not mentioning the fact that the costume will practically transfer the pup into a full-on reindeer in your eyes.


5. Colorful Green Christmas Tree Holiday Costume Dress For Dogs



When talking about the Christmas holiday, people always think of either Santa Claus or his reindeers. However, there is also one thing that they will also discuss quite a lot, especially in the U.S. as well as in the Europe regions. That thing is the Christmas tree. It is a tree used for decoration for the celebration of Christmas. The origin of the Christmas tree tradition is thought to be in Livonia during the medieval times as well as the early modern Germany regions. During the 19th century’s second half, the Christmas tree acquired increasingly growing popularity beyond just the place it originated from. It was also during this time that it took the first step towards becoming a familiar tradition for many families in the world, starting with the ones in upper classes.


It was due to this burst in popularity that the Christmas tree has become such an important tradition. Nowadays, most of us will try to get one to decorate our house some days before Christmas Eve. However, that is not the extent of its impact, as there are also so many lines of products inspired by this tradition just popping up left and right. Of course, the dog wear market is no exception of the rule. Thus, I present to you the Colorful Green Christmas Tree Holiday Costume Dress For Dogs. With this costume, you can be sure that there would be no way that the pup can ever damage it. After all, it was made with some high-quality material. There is also the fact that it will undoubtedly make the already cute enough pup even cuter.


6. Adorable Claus Christmas Winter Costume Red Dress For Dogs



I am sure that you have heard of the term “Mrs. Claus” at least once some point in your life. After all, we have watched the smash hit The Santa Clause as well as its sequels. The wife of Father Christmas is naturally also called Mother Christmas. In the legends, she was known as the one who made the cookies alongside the elves, take care of the reindeers, and help Santa himself to prepare for the toys as well as the annual journey. The first official record of Santa’s wife is in “A Christmas Legend”, a short story from the hands of James Rees. In addition. after the successful film The Santa Clause 2, many children have become aware that Santa Claus does indeed have a wife.


Due to the film being released quite a long time ago, in 2002 to be exact, I am quite sure that the children of that time are all now adults. Thus, there is quite a high chance that you will love this Adorable Mrs. Claus Christmas Winter Costume Red Dress For Dogs. This costume will surely make your already adorable pup even more eye-catching. In addition, due to the material that it was made from, you can be sure that the pup will no doubt be properly heated wearing it. Furthermore, you will be able to freely pick out the most suitable size for your adorable pup as the costume will allow you to pick from a total of six available sizes.


7. Winter Deer Snow Warm Puppy Soft Knitted Vest For Small Dogs



We must never forget that Christmas is always linked to the winter season. And in the winter, there is also one thing that has always managed to capture the hearts of so many people. That is the deer. Due to its incredibly beautiful appearance and gentleness, these creatures have been popular for quite a long time. Now, can you imagine the cuteness overload you will no doubt experience when your cute little pup wears some kind of deer inspired clothing? That kind of cuteness is really dangerous.


Thus, I am sure that there is no way that you are not interested in this Winter Deer Snow Warm Puppy Soft Knitted Vest For Small Dogs. After all, it is exactly what I just described. You will be able to transform your cute dog into a combination of cuteness from both dog and deer. In addition, the outfit is quite high in quality, so you can be absolutely sure that your playful pup will not be able to tear it to pieces right in the first moments. Of course, there are also 5 options for you to pick in sizes, ranging from S to XXL, so you will be able to pick out the most suitable one for your pup.


8. Christmas Dog Funny Santa Claus Costume



This one is the second one of this list to be featuring the legendary Santa Claus. After the success of the film The Santa Clause and its sequels as well as numerous other films about the spirit of Christmas, the image of Santa has been imprinted on the minds of almost all the people in the United States. This is the reason I am so sure that this is not the first time you are looking for some Santa Claus outfit for your dog. No one can deny his influence, but that also means that there are so many products about him on the market, making you unable to know which is great.


Do not worry too much, as you will not have that problem with this Christmas Dog Funny Santa Claus Costume. As you can see, the costume is more on the corny and hilarious side. Thus, I do think that this will be a source of laughter for your family at the party. There is also the incredible durability as well as flexibility that this costume offers due to its incredibly high-quality materials. Furthermore, while you cannot choose any other color scheme, you can actually pick out the best option for your pup from the 5 available sizes.


9. Mrs. Santa Claus Cute Christmas Velvet Costume for Dog



It is the Christmas Eve, I am sure that your female pup will not want to be dressed as some old, fat, white-bearded man. After all, that will be so insulting to them. Thus, I offer you this Mrs. Santa Claus Cute Christmas Velvet Costume for Dog. This costume will undoubtedly make your princess be even more fabulous than she already is. As a result, I am confident that she will no doubt grab the most attention from your family during dinner. In addition, this costume will serve as another layer of protection for the princess against the harsh weather of the winter season. A little overprotectiveness can never be too much, right?


If you are worried that the costume is too fragile for the biting of the princess, I can confidently say that there is nothing to worry about. Due to being made from some quite high in quality materials, this costume is in fact quite durable as well as flexible. This also means that the color will not come off so easily.


10. Christmas Santa Deer Snowman Thin Lining Winter Hoodie



As we are shopping for something that your pup will look good for in the Christmas Eve, I am quite sure that you are looking for something that is both beautiful and warm. After all, we all know how cold some Christmas eves can get. That is why I am quite sure that you will be pleased with the quality of this Christmas Santa Deer Snowman Thin Lining Winter Hoodie. Wearing this, you can see that your pup will not feel the cold anymore as it will serve as another layer of protection for him to fight against the cold. In addition, due to it having the images of all the three most related thing to winter as well as Christmas, you can rest assured that it will make the pup look good in the family dinner.


If you are worried about the costume being easily damaged by your playful pup, then you can relax now. After all, the materials that make the costume so warm will also protect it against even the wearer. In addition, you can actually choose from a list of 6 available size options for the one size that fit your pup the best. The only downside is that you can only go with one color scheme. However, it is a Christmas costume, so that is a given.


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No doubt, these dog costumes for Christmas looks very adorable. I ordered one sweatshirt from this store and it suited well on my dog. Now, you got these adorable dog costumes for Christmas and it’s tempting me to buy another one. It’s not bad though because it is for my dog and I just want him to be comfortable and make him feel warm this Christmas. It’s our 2nd Christmas with him and looking forward to the coming years. This will definitely complete our Christmas, him and his Santa costume. Advance Merry Christmas to all Fur Parents!

Esther Popa

Aweee! so cute! These Christmas dog costumes are really cute. I want them for my baby Sky. I bet it will add more cuteness to my baby. It would also protect her from the cold weather too. I read your recent blog post for dog care tips this winter and just knew that they can also have Hypothermia and it scares me. I want to make sure they don’t only look cute but also protected.

Pamela H

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